Model 5300 Series alpha spectrometer and operation manual

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A Model 5300 Series, alpha spectrometer that was used at the Saskatchewan Research Council SLOWPOKE reactor facility.  The spectrometer, which was made by The Nucleus Inc., stands 15 cm square and is 24 cm deep.  Combined with a small vacuum pump and a multichannel analyzer, the spectrometer could be used to determine alpha particle energies from samples to be analyzed and lead to identification of individual isotopes.  The sample was typically placed near the bottom of the small vacuum chamber, which has a rubber-edged door.  The detector, a silicon-diffused junction (absent in this unit), sat directly above the sample near the top of the chamber. It detected the alpha particles emitted by the sample.  An amplifier, housed in the unit, then suitably amplified the detector signal and prepared it for scaling and display by a normal multichannel analyzer.


slowpoke src reactor; alpha radiation
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See also artifacts 2020-074 and 2020-076.
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