The People

The pages of this website display many photographs of the accomplishments, laboratories and “machinery” of the nuclear industry.  This section is intended to serve as a recognition of the many people who served in various roles to make the industry the success it has become. 

Over the years, many photographs of various groups have been taken.  Unfortunately, when the photographs were taken, often little effort was put into identifying and recording the names of the people involved.  Identifying people 50-75 years after an event is now often a very difficult task. 

The Society wishes to honour the many contributors to the industry in a series of photographs in this section.  The number of photographs will grow as additional photographs with identified people become available.  We welcome corrections to the identification of individuals, the addition of missing names, and any additional photographs that may exist in private collections.  Digital copies may be sent to  Hard copies may be sent to the Society for the Preservation of Canada’s Nuclear Heritage Inc., P.O. Box 441, 51 Poplar St. Deep River ON K0J 1P0.

Unless otherwise noted, the photographs in this collection must be credited to Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), or to the National Research Council (NRC) for those photographs taken before 1952.

For an excellent collection of photographs identifying the many people associated with the Whiteshell Laboratories, the reader is directed to the electronic publication produced by the Whiteshell history Committee, “Whiteshell Laboratories: A Legacy to Nuclear Science and Engineering In Canada” (2016),