Taylor Hobson Talyvel 1 electronic level measuring system

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An ultra-sensitive, electronic system manufactured by the Rank Taylor Hobson Corporation for sensing tilts down to the level of one arc-second.  This artifact called a Talyvel 1 (Model 112/854) was used in the Nuclear Physics Branch at Chalk River to align the accelerators used there and the associated beam line and experimental area components, and to insure they were as horizontally level as possible.  The Talyvel system consists of a 15 cm wide by 14 cm tall electronic detector-unit containing a damped pendulum whose position between two plates is differentially measured. A 20 cm tall by 18 cm wide by 17 cm deep, receiver-unit then amplifies the electronic signal from the detector and displays the result on a large mechanical meter. The electronic unit is capable of handling up to four detector units at one time, each of which can be switched on in turn.


physics tools; measuring instruments
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