Model of irradiation assembly for producing Mo99 in NRX

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A 16 cm tall model of an irradiation assembly of the fuel pencils irradiated in NRX for the production of Mo99. The fuel pins, mounted three together in extended strings, measure 75 mm on the model. The irradiation assembly is mounted on an 18 cm by 13.5 cm wooden base with an engraved dedication plate with the signatures of members of the Nuclear Materials Control (NMC) branch. Dedication plate reads “Presented to Al Pyatt by NMC on his Retirement, December 1980”.

Signatures interpreted as: GW Antler, Sharon Binzig, Loreta Evans, Len Perry, Doug Wright, Armin Voss, Keith Morton, Lloyd Dunn, Mary Ann Tennant, Lynn English, Joe Carr, Mickey Hammond, Richard Harrison, Jack Schreader, Jan Elder, Ron Giroux, Karl Noll, N. Virgo, Brian O’Connor, Merve Buske and Ethel Frivalt.


canada nrx research reactor; radioisotope generators; fission yield
aluminum and wood
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