Commemorative ashtray from a construction project undertaken by Fraser-Brace and Crawley McCracken

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Fraser-Brace and Crawley McCracken (C-M) were the construction and catering companies, respectively, who were instrumental in the construction of both the CRNL facilities and the town of Deep River.  C-M continued to be associated with the CRNL site for more than 50 years.  This ashtray, measuring just over 12 cm in diameter, was originally believed to have been associated with their work during the  start of the nuclear industry.  It was actually made to commemorate the ALCAN Chute des Diablo dam in Quebec, which was one of the next projects undertaken by the two companies after the work at Chalk River.  The dates indicate the work was done during the 1950-1952 time frame.


This artifact came from the estate of Margaret Cook.  Margaret, a local Chalk-River girl, was the first female employee hired by Fraser-Brace for the Chalk River project and worked initially in the employment “office” in the village of Chalk River, an expropriated garage.  After a short stint with NRC following the completion of construction, she moved to Montreal and worked many years at Fraser-Brace and its successor companies, Lavalin and later SNC-Lavalin.
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