Victoreen Model 444 radiation survey meter

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A Victoreen survey meter based on an ion chamber.  The chamber is housed in a 31-cm-long by 15-cm-wide by 14-cm-tall metal container and is carried by a wooden handle.  There is some ambiguity with respect to the range settings and meter dial scales, and no operation manual could be located for the instrument.  It appears that the instrument could be operated on any of 10 different exposure rate ranges, from 0-3 mR/h to 0-300 R/h, or on any of five integrated exposure ranges, from 0-3 mR to 0-300 mR.  The bottom of the chamber, shown in two of the photographs, has a metal cover that can be slid down to expose a thin aluminum or aluminised mylar window to allow use in monitoring beta radiation.  The label on the monitor shows that the last calibration was done 12 April 1984 and that the next calibration was due exactly one year later.


detectors (radiation); ionization chambers
mid 1970s
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