Pioneer Retrospectives

Unfortunately, most of the earliest nuclear pioneers have passed away.  Many of the
“second generation” – those whose careers started in the 1950s and 1960s – are also
leaving us.  A series of “retrospectives” on persons who have made notable
contributions to Canada’s nuclear industry and heritage have been prepared and are
presented here.  We welcome contributions from any who wish to contribute material
about others that we have not yet honoured or have overlooked.  Additional
retrospectives will be posted when received.

Comprehensive publication listings that include all publications such as conference
proceedings, work done outside of AECL and patents can usually only be generated
from the knowledge of the originating author. Lacking those lists, the listings generated
for these Retrospectives often contain only those publications that could be found in a
listing of the AECL-XXX  and NRC-xxx series of publications.

To read each retrospective, click on the name below the picture.

Recently Added:
William Buyers
Sylvia Fedoruk
Albert Pearson
W. B. Lewis