Uranium-oxide fuel pellets

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Two vials containing CANDU-type fuel pellets.  One vial contains four, 12 mm diameter by 20 mm long, pellets with thin cardboard spacers between the pellets while the other contains three more of the same pellets as well as a smaller, 8 mm diameter, 14 mm long, pellet.  The smaller pellet is very near the dimensions used in a Pressurised-Water Reactor (PWR). Overall, the vials measure 90 mm in length.  To prevent direct contact with the pellets, the vials have been mounted in a glass-fronted 20 cm by 15 cm wooden box.  It is not known if these pellets were used strictly for display purposes or if they were used in some minor experiments.


nuclear fuels; candu type reactor

These pellets were found together with a large collection of documents and books donated to the Society by the Estate of Jack Veeder, a long-time fuel design engineer at CRNL.

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