Spare materials creep assembly from NRU

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A duplicate of a 3.43 m long assembly used in an NRU irradiation channel to investigate the creep of reactor materials used for fuel cladding and fuel channels under different neutron fluences and at different operating temperatures.  The assembly consists of six modules mounted around a central annular hanger tube.  The entire assembly is then placed inside another annual tube partially filled with reactor fuel.  The lower three modules sit below the level of the annular fuel while the upper three are above the fuel annulus and hence experience a lower neutron flux.  Cooling water is passed through the entire assembly to remove excess heat.  All six modules can contain samples of various zirconium alloys and are equipped with heaters and thermocouples to monitor and maintain the samples at the desired test temperatures.  This unit was never used in the reactor but was built as a spare.


nru canada reactor; creep
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