Silver-plated wine chiller as retirement memento

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Silver-plated wine chiller initially believed to have been presented to Maurice Dubras, who retired from service with AECL in 1990 after 25 years of service.  The chiller stands 23.5 cm tall and measures 22.5 cm across the top.  Maurice worked mainly in Human Resources both at Head Office in Ottawa and at Sheridan Park.  Initially it was not known what section of AECL Maurice worked in.  However, after some detective work he was located in Jersey, Channel Islands, where he was born and where he retired after 1990.  He was able to detail his work for AECL and disclosed that he had an identical chiller in his possession.  It is believed the one donated to the Society was a cast-off from the engravers because of a defect.


retirement memento; beverage vessel
This artifact was noticed at a garage sale in Ottawa and donated to the Society by a relative of the person who purchased and then forwarded it to him.
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