Retirement coffee table given to Les Haywood and featuring inserts of CANDU installations

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A large (152 cm long by 61 cm wide by 43 cm high), two-level, oval-shaped, glass-topped, wooden coffee table presented to Les Haywood “In recognition of his contribution to Canada’s Nuclear program” in December 1974.  The table is inset with six photo-metal plaques, four of which show depictions of the many reactors in the Canadian nuclear program starting from ZEEP and continuing to Pickering B and Bruce B which were still in the construction stage.  Included in this grouping were also reactors outside Canada that had large Canadian input.  A fifth plaque depicts one of the heavy-water plants in the program. 


retirement memento; pioneer
The artifact was designed and constructed at CRNL. A mounted and autographed photo-card, with “Best Wishes” was presented along with it from the personnel directly involved: Designer and Illustrator, Alastair Middleton; Photoengraver, Doug Moore; Carpenter, Edward Sack; Furniture Finisher, Ernest Murdoch.
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