NRC era shipping crates

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The two sections of packing crates were recovered from the demolition of a shed at 9 Silvie in Deep River.  Both wooden pieces had been used for the roof of the shed with the surface displaying the intended destination visible from below. The upper surface had been shingled over with asphalt shingles.   The  larger piece (54 cm by 68 cm) is addressed to “National Research Council, Chalk River Laboratories” and is made using nominal 1” (2.5 cm) thick boards.  The purchase order number (50/PEM/1610) for the material in the crate is listed.  The smaller (20 cm by 76 cm) board in the lower photo identifies the shipping company as “General Radio Company’ of Cambridge, Mass. USA.  It is unknown if the two boards came from the same crate.

Since AECL was incorporated and took over management of the laboratory in 1952, this shipping crate, still addressed to NRC, must predate that date.  Prior to mid-1956, all homes in Deep River were owned by AECL and so the “owner” of this shed is unknown.  Did the resident in the period build a private shed on NRC/AECL property using scavenged materials or did he store the packing crates and build post-1956?


memento; transportation

Telephone books from 1951 to 1956 list the occupant of 9 Silvie as Roger M. Smith

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