Name plates from NPD generator

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These cast-aluminum nameplates had been mounted on the 22 MW, Metropolitan-Vickers, electric generator at the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) reactor located at Rolphton, Ontario, which generated the first nuclear-based electricity in Canada. The heavy-water, natural uranium, pressure-tube based reactor started operation in 1962 and continued to operate until 1987.  For much of that period it also served as a training center for many of the operators needed to staff the larger Douglas Point, Pickering and Bruce generating stations. 

The plates were mounted on the side of the generator as seen in the accompanying photo.  The upper of the two long plates is 115 cm long by 10 cm wide while the lower is 136 cm by 9 cm wide.  The “specifications” plate detailed in Artifact 2018-001 is shown above the two name plates.  All these items were detached from the generator during the initial phase of decommissioning. 


power reactor; natural uranium reactor; npd reactor
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