Emergency Plan kit containing personal dosimeters and charger

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The artifact consists of a 28 cm by 21 cm by 16 cm, lockable, case housing a set of ten, Dosimeter Corporation, pocket, quartz-fibre, ionization-chamber dosimeters and a unit for re-charging the dosimeters.   The direct-reading ionization-chamber, Model 611, dosimeters, with a relatively high exposure range (0-5 R), have been extensively used by the nuclear industry for many years.  The 12 cm-long dosimeters are charged to the appropriate voltage, and the degree of discharge during deployment gives a direct reading of the radiation dose accumulated.  Re-charging is accomplished by mounting the dosimeter on a charging unit.  The charging unit in this case is a Model 909 unit, also supplied by Dosimeter Corporation.  This kit was kept and maintained at Chalk River.  The last calibration date shown is in 2012. 


radiation detectors; gamma dosimetry; ionization chamber
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