Eberline Model PRM-4 pulse rate radiation counter

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The control package for a general-purpose Eberline, Model PRM-4, pulse-rate radiation monitor.  The unit, which measures 21 cm long by 9 cm wide by 19 cm high, consists of a metal box, which houses the battery pack and the electronics package, and a meter and scale adjustments to indicate the count rates. A connection for external earphones is also supplied.  The unit could be used with either an internal Geiger-tube or  an external scintillation counter The units were manufactured by the Eberline Instrument Corporation in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the units were used by the Atomic Energy Control Board to investigate the contamination in tailings in the Port Hope, ON, area. 


radiation detector
Associated artifacts:
See Artifacts 20209-063 to 2020-065.

These instruments had been used by AECL and AECB personnel during the evaluation of the contaminated soils at the Port Hope, ON, sites used in the 1930s for radium production.

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