Clock as retirement memento of ZEBRA Project

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In the early 1980s the topic of accelerator-based neutron sources for fissile fuel breeding was being investigated internationally.  Fusion-based devices were considered as alternate sources for these neutrons.  Canada had an active program in fusion studies at Varennes, Quebec, and based partly on this factor and partly on the lack of an AECL research presence in Quebec, the Federal Government gave preliminary approval to the design and construction of a high-current 10 MeV accelerator in a new complex to be built near the fusion laboratory.  The accelerator became known as the Zero Energy BReeder Accelerator (ZEBRA) project.  A group of about 10 scientists spent a year in French language training at CRNL in preparation for the move.  However, in late 1984, for a variety of reasons the initiative was terminated as a Quebec project. The clock which measures 30 cm across the hexagonal faces, was presented on retirement to J. Ungrin, one of the persons on the ZEBRA team and the designer of the project logo.


accelerators; accelerator breeders
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