AEP Model 1910 radiation measurement meter

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An AEP-1910 beta/gamma radiation detector.  The hand-held monitor measures 47 cm in length overall and was used mainly to check for radioactive contamination on equipment.  It was capable of measuring up to 20,000 counts per minute and had a low–battery indication setting on the meter scale.  The barrel of the detection section had a cut-away window that allowed the measurement of beta activity.  The Geiger tube had a spirally-wound cathode.  Three output ports are seen in the lower right-hand photograph. There were several versions of this counter developed. A very faded identification ring can be seen just to the left of the meter in the top left-hand photograph.  This ring contains the information “Beta-gamma contamination counter II” in what appears to be an outside manufacturer’s label (i.e. not AECL).


detectors (radiation); ionization chambers
Associated artifacts:
See artifacts 2018-111 and 2018-112.
The meter was bought in 1958 and cost $330 at that time.
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