AECL and CNL Leadership Visit to SPCNH

On Monday June 29th, the Society was happy to receive several members of the leadership teams from AECL and CNL for a (masked and socially distanced) tour of our interim storage facility in Deep River. This visit represented an important milestone in relationship between the labs and SPCNH and is hopefully the beginning of greater collaborations to come.

Left to right: M. Brown (SPCNH), S. Quinn (AECL), G. Yarashavitch (CNL), M. Stephens (SPCNH), J. Ungrin (SPCNH), J. McBrearty (CNL), R. Sexton (AECL), P. Quinn (CNL), D. Cox (SPCNH)
Left to right: D. Cox (SPCNH), J. Ungrin (SPCNH), J. McBrearty (CNL), R. Sexton (AECL), M. Stephens (SPCNH)

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